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It probably fits right in with who he is, how he is and the rest of his life.The big question is how familiar are you with these elements of him?He also introduced me to his friends about two weeks ago and told me that I’m the first girl in the past two years that he’s introduced them to.In the past two weeks we’ve only seen each other twice because he went away for a few days and then we both went away for Easter.Granted, I am working with limited info here – but my impression on first pass is that the guy really does like you as a person, but did not let you in very deeply (on the inside).Now, a woman could ask why do guys shift so suddenly?When the guy exposes himself to you, that is a moment where his bond to you increases.Just something to think about because typically speaking, when both people show a lot of themselves to each other, there is a deeper bond and the other person doesn’t typically up and leave out of the blue.

The number one reason being that you don’t know and all blaming yourself will do is make you upset. Take what you’ve learned here and just move on – he doesn’t sound like a bad guy, just a guy who’s guard is up or maybe his exclusive focus is on his work. I can guarantee he does feel bad and doesn’t want to hurt you.Sounds to me like he did think you were a great girl, but his life isn’t set up right now to have you (the person that you are) in his life. Chat fiction apps are among some of the most popular in the App Store, thanks to their highly engaged, largely teenage to young adult fan base who enjoy reading thrilling stories told in the form of text messages.And I believe that he probably meant what he said when he introduced you to his friends and talked about how much he liked you.Even still, for guys, a relationship needs to fit into his life well.

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