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So what, exactly, do Meliodas and his band of odd companions have to do with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? This is probably the most recognizable name among the Sins in the anime.

Merlin is a powerful female magic user and a faithful companion to King Arthur. a powerful male magic user and a faithful companion to King Arthur. Meliodas is the undisputedly awesome leader of the Seven Sins, possessing an immense power that sometimes frightens even his closest friends.

Since we don’t know much about Escanor in the anime, there’s no telling yet what kind of character he’ll be.

Having lost the one person he loves most, both in the anime and in the legend, Harlequin becomes an eternal wanderer.As an aside, Meliodas and Elizabeth are originally named Rivalen and Blancheflor. In the anime, Ban says that his name is short for Bandit, and we assume we never actually learn his real name.According to Arthurian legend, though, Ban is his full name. And like Meliodas, Ban’s biggest claim to fame is his son: none other than Sir Lancelot, both King Arthur’s best knight, and worst traitor.Harlequin is a French term for something of a cross between a clown and a mime. In the story, King Herla is a human who is tricked by a dwarf.The two agree to attend each other’s weddings, and the dwarf makes a perfect guest.

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