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Many of the difficulties that we face when approaching love are based on expectations that love ought to be the same as it was during middle-age.Instead, it is important for older people to define new and authentic modes of intimacy and sexuality, so knowing where to find potential partners is important, and is, interestingly, more accessible than ever before for today’s aging population.Apps like Tinder are popular among young people, researchers say, but there are more complex reasons why older singletons have gone online.Boomers are more likely to be single, divorced or widowed, studies have shown.“I can only tell you that they tell me — they’re not,” Myers says.“They’re mostly looking for women who are 10 years within their own range, often in either direction.” But that, she adds, is also because the sites she chooses are geared towards older Americans.More baby boomers are clicking their way to true love.

It’s no secret that intimacy and relationships are the most important part of life.But some areas are harder to navigate for older daters, particularly when it comes to where they want to live and how they want to live.Even though many may be retired, some may not want to move away from their grandchildren, Myers says.The older you get, the more women there are in relation to men. Word of mouth is as powerful as advertising, perhaps more so.“There’s been a real reduction in the stigma attached to online dating over the last decade or so, and that’s particularly true of older users,” adds Aaron Smith, associate director of Internet research at Pew.

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