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hygienic and beautiful than Korean-Americans in my experience.Like when I went to Korea, holy crow everyone is a kpop idol, or at least dresses like one.Some issues that Indian (from the sub continent) men have are a) Issues with hygiene which can be unfair because there are sweaty non Indian men.b) dating women (white) as novelty and dumping them to marry an arranged bride which is cruel and pretty hypocritical.c) vegetarians and not being social drinkers. Holy cow, just like the Indian mentality toward women in general is insane because they just don't have nearly enough sexual education there. I know when I was younger, like from my teens to my mid 20s, for a lot of women it was like I didn't even register as a .Like, speaking to both Indians and Indian Americans (which I am myself), there is such a big contrast in terms of treatment of women- to Indian (nationals/immigrants) they are objects meant to be idealized and treasured, until they reject you for being a misogynistic scum and now they're "dirty sluts" as some of them say. I'm a regular looking dude who is pretty sociable and does well job wise, and I'm talking about women who dated guys who I would consider my equals in looks and social skill.I was born and raised in Canada (Quebec) and here, at least not in French Canada, there isn't this big stigma towards dating Indian men.From what I have witnessed, it isn't that unheard of for Indian men to date women of various backgrounds.

It depends on how much the Indian guy can assimilate. My super good looking Indian friends tend to do fine, but regular guys have it harder.

I'm not talking about 1 or 2 women here, I'm talking a pretty good sample size.

I think my white friends have it easier with approaching women in public as well; women would let down their guard more or give the benefit of the doubt more for them than me.

Overall it has gotten easier as I've gotten older, not the approaching women in public part, but with women I have at least an acquaintance type relationship with.

No, the picture you linked is definitely a good looking Indian dude.

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