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The NT said the coins were found by volunteers at the castle as they searched for photographs in a study drawer.Research into family diaries in the archive suggests the coins were amassed during the nineteenth century by avid collector Edward Hussey III and his son Edwy, who lived at the castle. This silver token is one of the earliest struck in Europe, and comes from the tiny island of Aegina.This was a necessary and common practice in England because there was a chronic shortage of money in low denominations, making small monetary transactions harder.Clipping pieces off of coins was an easy way to make change because, unlike today, the intrinsic value of the metal was equal to the worth of the coin.Seventy-seven of the coins are English, and half of the English coins are silver and range in date from 1560 to 1685.Many of the English silver coins found at the James Fort site had been clipped to make change.

However, the harbor was not rebuilt after it's final distruction and part of the mystery of the harbor is figuring out why this was."What was it at that time that different from all the previous times when they rebuilt," said Scotton.The team will continue to dig at the ancient site with no end date in sight yet."There is so much being done and so much to be done," said Scotton.Along with the coins, the team also has found two large Roman civic basilicas, a type of building structure popular in the ancient Roman Empire.They suspect that these buildings were once government buildings.

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Potin Coinage in Iron Age Britain, Archaeology and Chronology Colin C.

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