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Then I met the instructor and the people that would be around me, motivating me for 3 months.

What sold me is that with programming, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Try it online, but when you’re doing it on your own, [if you’re like me, you] would do the fun stuff, get it mostly working till it is 80% done.

The last 20% is not as fun [but it is] where you learn a lot because you struggle through the things you couldn’t figure out on your own. That’s advantage of an in-person [bootcamp].(B): For me personally, I don’t know if I’m going much, much deeper in programming? As Marc Andreessen said, “software is eating the world” and I absolutely agree with that.

We got to pick what we did; I have a sister who runs a non-profit who organizes conferences, so we built a site with that user persona in mind.

It is much more straightforward and you have access to instructors online, and from there you’re on-campus for the remaining 9 weeks.Ankur Jain is the co-founder and CEO of Humin, a mobile app that helps people meet up in real life, which he sold to Tinder in March 2016.A graduate of Wharton, he is also the founder of the Kairos Society, an organization of young entrepreneurs taking on major world challenges.The cool thing is that you can choose what you want to do with [the skills].It’s not that you necessarily have to (B): Do it in person or don’t do it.

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Brock Meyer (B): I got to the end of a project that I was enjoying [working on computer engineering] and I could go back to traditional engineering, but I really wanted to get more professional exposure to [programming].

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