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Such language is a clear attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the protesters whilst legitimising the government’s use of force.The government has made a nominal move towards negotiations by establishing the National Commission for Inter-Burundian dialogue.Political pluralism has steadily eroded during Nkurunziza’s tenure, with the trend culminating in his recent bid for a third term.What is distinctive about now, however, is that substantial sections of the Burundian population – from across the ethnic spectrum, and including members of the ruling elite – are no longer willing to tolerate the democratic rollback.The intensity of both the protesters and government’s response picked up again following Nkurunziza’s swearing into office on 20 August.Importantly, open confrontation has also been complemented by mass exit, with over 200,000 Burundians having left the country since the crisis erupted.The government has resorted to a very costly way to shore up its power in the face of prolonged protest.

All of this paints the dialogue as little more than a delay tactic and a way to assuage international pressure.The current situation threatens to undermine the political accord that was signed in 2000 and marked the end of Burundi’s civil war.The Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement paved the way to a careful ethnic balancing of power, and Burundi subsequently implemented one of the most intricate power-sharing systems on the continent.A special police unit has been created to manage urban protests, and tough anti-terrorism legislation is being currently being drafted. Burundi’s relations with its neighbours, in particular Rwanda, have deteriorated.While the crisis has unfolded, many have noted the resilience of institutions such as the military. Donor countries have condemned the government’s actions, with targeted international sanctions being imposed on three figures close to the president for their role in fomenting the crisis.

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