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He was told that he would be taken to police headquarters. Farshid was out with his friends when the agents approached him. Discrimination against and Persecution of LGBT Persons in the Islamic Republic of Iran 5.1. Executions in the Immediate Aftermath of the Revolution 5.1.2. From previous experiences, Farshid knew he had to keep quiet when faced with abuse. He did not, however, report the incident: If it is revealed that a person is gay in Iran, that person will probably face grave consequences. When rumors spread among his classmates that he was gay, Farshid was summoned by , the university’s intelligence and security office.[1] He was subsequently expelled from his university. The Right to Be Free from Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment 5. I was also worried that they would call again and harass me. Lack of Clear Distinction between Rape and Sodomy in the Islamic Penal Code 5.3. LGBT persons living in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) face discrimination and prejudice on a daily basis. Executions after the Revolution to the Present 5.2. When his brother discovered Farshid was gay, they got into a physical fight. The official reason given in his dismissal letter was “incompatibility with Islamic mores in the university.”[2] Unfortunately Farshid’s story is not unique. In addition to criminal liability, LGBT Iranians are also subject to a wide range of abusive and discriminatory practices such as custodial rape, arrests at social functions, expulsion from educational institutions and denial of employment opportunities. They are not, however, afforded legal protection against abusive family members.

Instead he was taken to the basement of a house, where the two plainclothes agents raped him in the bathroom. One of the plainclothes agents took photos of Farshid when he was naked, and he stated he would distribute his photos if Farshid spoke out about what had happened.

Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, with these remarks about the international laws protecting LGBT persons: The very countries that impose [the acceptance of] this deadly sin as a sign of progress on the world prohibited homosexuality up to about two decades ago.

In March 2013, during an interactive dialogue at the 22 session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Mohammad Javad Larijani, the chair of the IRI’s High Council for Human Rights, followed the presentation of a report from Dr.

Lack of Protection against Abuse of LGBT Persons by Family Members 5.6.1. The newest version of the Islamic Penal Code was implemented in 2013, and it will be in effect for at least five years.

LGBT persons are also subject to torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatments or punishments in violation of international law.

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They could be subject to arbitrary arrest simply due to their appearance, and many carry official documents that state their status in order to be protected from official harassment.

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