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Just a brief inhalation suffuses me with a liftime's worth of memories. I wore this to prom in 1997 but I can see a young lady wearing this because it was for special occasions then.

This can be a bit screeching (I think it's the lily), so I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as a blind buy-- although, it doesn't last long on me, so it could be safe enough, if you find a good deal on it. Siliage and longevity is so-so and I consider it a "safe" day time perfume.

I love this perfume, even though it doesn't suit my body chemistry.

It to me smells like a garden of many types of Spring flowers - sunny, fresh and bright. I was a little disappointing because a few years ago 1 spray & this would go all day. Smelled it recently on my friend and it just brought all the memories back so will have to purchase it again, soon. Pleasures has great longevity, modest silage, and a lovely evolution throughout the day.Pleasures reflects a modern woman's desire to experience life's little pleasures every day.The perfume was created by noses from Firmenich in 1995.), and the occasional waft of another rich, honey-like floral that I cannot place or name. This reminds me of what I remember of the original 1970s Tatiana (which IMO bears ZERO similarity to current version). Its lovely & nostalgic but I wont be rebuying with this preformance. So then I purchased Pleasures and what a difference! By late afternoon, I catch wafts of the gorgeous woody, musky base, which is skin scent but much better, warmer, and sexier.I very much like Pleasures and have worn and owned it on and off since the early 2000s. On me: hyacinth, crushed peony and faint sour-ish fruit? The arc of Pleasure's development really mirrors a lovely spring day, starting out chilly, gradually warming up, and ending with a peaceful dusk.

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