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It's not something I'd seek out but if an opportunity arose I'd probably try it.

But I can't imagine it would be as satisfying as sucking a dick.

Disown the show as unrealistic and complain that Harold's character didn't seem gay at all, seemed like a straight stud who just happened to like cock.r31, I was only able to get through like two or three episodes of QAF, but if anyone, especially gay men, can say the main characters (esp.

Agree with R37 There's a wide gulf between "I like having sex with men" and "I am romantically attracted to other men."Which brings me to R34. Do you ever see a self described gay guy whipping out a vagina fleshlight and going to town on that? [quote]There's a whole theory that says part of the ancient stigma on homosexuality is because without the stigma guys would just spend their time sucking each others dicks and forget to make babies. R40 Because they know there are many gay guys who'll pay to see them shove a dildo up their ass and very hew who'd pay to see a gay guy motorboating.

Good memory for someone who only watched 2 or 3 episodes, but if you'd watched the series, Brian Kinney (GH's character) was definitely an alpha male and much of the plot was about him struggling to accept that he had romantic feelings for another man. Guys on cam sites are exhibitionists and desperate for money.r49, they're not just doing it for the money, you see intense pleasure on their faces as they do it and they're hard as a rock.

In addition, pornography gives the brain an unnatural high.

In a recent TEDx talk, physiology teacher Gary Wilson explained that when men look at porn, they experience surge after surge of dopamine in the brain.

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