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Cranes are solitary during the breeding season, occurring in pairs, but during the non-breeding season they are gregarious, forming large flocks where their numbers are sufficient.Most species of cranes have been affected by human activities and are at the least classified as threatened, if not critically endangered.The exquisitely designed sound effects that accompany the animatronics show adds an extra dimension.Designed by the world renowned artist Jeremy Railton, the Crane Dance completely redefined the idea of digital art. The show premiered on Christmas night 2010 and has been attracting full houses ever since.They range in size from the demoiselle crane, which measures 90 cm (35 in) in length, to the sarus crane, which can be up to 176 cm (69 in), although the heaviest is the red-crowned crane, which can weigh 12 kg (26 lb) prior to migrating.They are long-legged and long-necked birds with streamlined bodies and large rounded wings.The show is inspired by a beautiful Asian story that talks about two artificial birds coming to life through the power of love that they share.

Even the demoiselle crane and blue crane, which may nest and feed in grasslands (or even arid grasslands or deserts), require wetlands for roosting in during the night.Australia, Europe and North America have two regularly-occurring species each.Of the four crane genera, Balearica (two species) is restricted to Africa, and Leucogeranus (one species) is restricted to Asia; the other two genera, Grus (including Anthropoides and Bugeranus) and Antigone, are both widespread.They eat a range of items from suitably sized small rodents, fish, amphibians, and insects to grain, berries, and plants.Cranes construct platform nests in shallow water, and typically lay two eggs at a time.

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