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Being single in my fifties feels like I’ve finally got myself back.There is such a joy to being able to do whatever you want without permission.

It makes us sound like we spend our evenings forlornly signalling to each other across a creaky old dance floor by waving our Zimmer frames, while our hearing aids whistle shrilly. I know fiftysomething women who are running marathons, starting businesses …Those who remain married into their fifth decade can sometimes wear their marriage like a status symbol. Thrice-married actress Kim Cattrall, who celebrated her 60th birthday this year, says of her single status: “You know so much more about what you want and what you don’t want and what you’ll put up with.I feel in that area, romantically, retired.”I did register with a well-known online dating site a while back. The only “matches” that came back were men 10 to 15 years older than me.Their comfort eating and drinking is often a symptom of their unhappiness – but a fear of being alone stops them from tackling the real problem. My children are becoming more independent and this is my golden time. I don’t have to go to boring business dinners as a plus-one, or schlep up the motorway to visit someone else’s parents.Many fiftysomething women’s desire for a different kind of life is also hindered by the need to look after ageing parents and/or demanding children. I don’t have to cook “his” dinner or do “his” washing. I can go on holiday when and where I want, I can eat the food I fancy and spend my money exactly as I please.

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  1. To everyone who took my post as an opportunity to send dick pics or invite me for a shag under the guise of 'helping me through my grief': you suck. Looking for a not tiny man 😊 I've been an athletic type my entire life, also a gamer. Haven't followed the normal path through life, lots of detours. I'm mostly into traditional and neo traditional but I like other styles too. If you have ideas of your own you wanna share lemme know I'll be happy to give suggestions or hear about them as well as talk about my tattoo ideas. The hopeless romantic inside of me is punching my rib cage desperately trying to get out. I've recently gotten back into playing the guitar and have been at it again for the last few weeks.