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If you've played your cards right you've met several Czech girls by now, and you're ready to go on your first date.There are lots of options available to you for a date, including some pretty unique ones.So this means you're going to have to work that little bit harder to get a Czech girlfriend or wife, but this is the only "game" Czech women will play with you - once they're dating you there's no BS, and you can rely on her to be completely loyal and honest.Czech women are also far more interested in finding a guy, settling down and getting married, then they are about fooling around with lots of guys.This is the most popular, if not the best, bar in Prague for meeting both local women and tourists alike.You'll find anything from classic 80s and 90s music (don't you feel old now? If you're into a party atmosphere you'll need to check out Lucerna.Any woman you date in Prague will expect you to open doors for her, pull her chair out for her in a restaurant, and generally behave like a gentleman.It's also worth mentioning that women from the Czech Republic aren't into going out and getting drunk; they prefer to sip their drinks and make conversation instead.

There's something new happening here almost every night of the week, and some of the cooler Czech girls hang out here.It's a little bit Hipster-ish, but not so much that you can't face going in there for fear of walking into a beard festival.If an upmarket cocktail bar is where you enjoy hanging out then Cloud 9 is perfect for you.You won't have to look very far to find this bar because pretty much everyone who visits Prague will spend at least one night here.This club stays open till 3am, and serves everything from chicken wings to cocktails.

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