Dating a former party girl

Ten o’clock comes around, and you can barely keep your eyes open -- and yet are stricken with anxiety because you know your old crew is getting ready to go out. This could be the legendary night you all always promised to have.What if you’re not there and the story of a lifetime fails to include you?

You realize your first few real paychecks are going to have to go toward buying new clothes.

You want to complete projects and gain respect from superiors, not complete drinks and gain the respect of bouncers.

And so, after years of being the life of the party, you pull the plug — hang up your knock-off Hervé dress and put your spiked heels in the back of your closet.

You find them slightly dull and find yourself frequently wishing they had an edge.

Your once fantastic and fabulous friends don’t seem to be so fabulous when you actually need them to be.

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