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In our second year, Chris graduated and started working full time while I was still in school.

In our third year, Chris started medical school, and I continued to still be in college (back story: I didn't decide on taking science courses until my Junior year, so it took me 5 years to graduate because I had to fulfill all of my requirements for med school applications).

While there was some push back, I obviously eventually won that battle because of things like common sense and feminine wiles.

be that person they can talk to: In the third year (the first year of clinical rotations), medical students will experience things you just won't understand.

In our first year of dating we were both still in college.Quality time becomes less and less, straining the connection you may have built upon for years.Student loans are meant to keep you afloat, without much room for entertainment so generally money is tighter; so when you have the time to do things you might not be able to afford more than Netflix or a cheap restaurant.I want to say that all of these transitions have gone smoothly but I would clearly be lying.The hardest time for us was when he was in his second year of school and I was working.

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