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When Ms Retzlaff went public with the assault and a photograph of her bruised face made headlines, there was an outpouring of support and outrage on her behalf. For speaking out and ‘airing their dirty laundry’ thus bringing shame on both families involved.Disapproval also came from those who said she deserved it because when the attack occurred, she was out on a date with another man.hiiiiiiiiiii i am looking for someon to share an idea with i am looking for someon to share an idea with i am looking for someon to share an idea with i am looking for someon to share an idea with i am looking for Hello,, I'm rain... am a hard working man who do everything to see his family happy.. I like to spend my time on studing and watching moves. nd I'm a very fun person, i like music, dancing, nd watching football games... What does it tell us when we are more accepting of a Samoan writing sex, writing about a woman’s body, naming and detailing a vagina for example?Or when a palagi writes about sex/love/romance – does that make it more acceptable literary study material?I’ve seen the heartache of some of my fa’afafine sisters as they are sexually objectified all while being treated as ‘less than’ or ‘incomplete’ because of who they are.

These are all examples from a local Samoan context. And when it read, I’m intrigued by the responses to the sex (in all its forms and expressions in the books, both positive and negative) from Samoan women and men.

Perhaps time has helped to lessen the discomfort for local teachers who might want to take on reading and discussing his books with their students?

Or perhaps it’s easier to cope with sex and intimacy when its written from a male perspective?

They implied Ms Retzlaff had been an unfaithful wife when she was married – more evidence she “deserved” to get beaten up. Someone said, “She should just die.” Again, the degree of viciousness and hate was disturbing. Nobody raised questions about Lima’s sexual conduct, either when he was married or in the years since.

Nobody asked why wasnt at home looking after his children. You’re the wife.” What attitudes towards sex and the Samoan woman are evident here?

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