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He was arrogant, condescending and spoke like a closeted homosexual Subway Sandwich artist supporting his way through school to become a Planetary Scientist. Naturally upon my first impression he was wearing a gold chain (red flag #1) and made me split a Gatorade when I asked for something to drink cause he “only had a few left”.

I tried my hardest to swallow my pride and pretend to like him. He insisted we go to a local Teppanyaki restaurant for their “super dank half off lunch specials” (red flag #2).

While it might be too unrealistic to think that someone would like rejection, is it too farfetched to expect that a grown man should know how to accept “no” graciously and move on to someone else who might be interested?

Where did all of these sore losers and whiners come from?

Unless the fucker is in a gold chain, makes you go halfsies on an orange flavored Gatorade AND thinks daytime Teppanyaki is socially acceptable.

If Vladimir Putin told me I had high cheekbones and a protruding clavicle I would probably invite him over for Shabbat dinner and set him up with one of my slutty girlfriends to tickle his Russian pickle.

As a Leo, I am incredibly protective over the people I love and have unfortunately run into the situation of hating a few of my friends significant others.

My cousin finally saw what a total dick the guy was and they split shortly after.

Unfortunately, these confrontations usually don’t turn out as ideally. The upside of sharing your reservations about said asshole is honest communication you may be saving your friend from a crazy breakup and possible restraining order.

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