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She hosts the podcast Sass Effect, for which she was recently named one of the 100 most influential women in games in Australia and New Zealand, and was nominated in the 14th Annual IT Journalism Awards.Outside of her professional life, Tegan loves history, food, geek culture, books, and her Siberian kitten, Khaleesi.Gomez and Morticia embrace all things dark and strange and care for each other and their family over all else.

You can show your lover how much you care with a dark gift this Valentine’s day that reflects the true nature of your relationship.

History says she did not return his feelings, but the idea that he would very literally travel through Hell for her is still considered romantic today.

Few couples are as functional and long-lasting as the Addams.

Just don’t stick the other person with all the dirty dishes.

Unless you’re a gaming aficionado, you may not realize that there are some really cool and fun board games out there.

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Full Bio no denying that dates can be expensive these days, at least if you stick to the conventional things. A little creativity mixed with some frugality can enable you to have some amazing and memorable dates on a shoestring budget.

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