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Strong jawbones and cheek muscles help pandas crush and chew the thick stalks with their flattened back teeth.Bamboo leaves are also on the menu, as pandas strip them off the stalks, wad them up, and eat them.Giant pandas have also been known to eat grasses, bulbs, fruits, some insects, and even rodents and carrion—pretty much whatever they can find.At the San Diego Zoo, pandas are offered bamboo, carrots, yams, apples, and special biscuits designed for leaf-eating animals (called leafeater biscuits) that are made of grain and packed with all the vitamins and minerals pandas need.For years scientists have wondered whether pandas are a type of bear, raccoon, or something all their own.Through studying the genetic code (DNA) in pandas’ cells, scientists have confirmed the panda's relationship with bears.A handstand gets a panda’s rear end higher up the tree, so the scent mark will be higher, too.

Scientists have yet to confirm what the real purpose of the panda's coloration is.Now, more than 100 years later, the worldwide love for pandas has been combined with international efforts to keep them from becoming extinct. One theory is that pandas developed the contrasting black and white colors over time so they would stand out in the forest and be able to find each other to mate.Another idea is that the broad blockings of contrasting color may serve to camouflage the panda in the bamboo or treetops.Pandas are always associated with bamboo, but they need more than just bamboo to make a home.San Diego Zoo scientists have found that suitable panda habitat requires old-growth conifer forests with at least two species of bamboo and water access.

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