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One of the first lesbian recurring characters on an American sitcom, Nancy came out during the series and had girlfriends played by Morgan Fairchild and Mariel Hemingway.

(Nancy later identified as bisexual.) Beverly also came out as a lesbian during the show’s final season.

The 1994 episode “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” stirred up controversy for its inclusion of a kiss between Roseanne and Hemingway’s character, Sharon, at a lesbian bar.

It was one of the first same-sex kisses in primetime television.

Barr lent her talents to several feature films during on Nick at Nite.The original premiered in 1988 and made Barr a television star.Her realistic depiction of wisecracking, working-class mom Roseanne Conner struck a cord with viewers, who tuned in weekly to see her interactions with husband Dan (John Goodman), sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and children.Honoring the same iconic concept and harmonica-driven theme song from the blue-collar family sitcom’s original opening credits, the new season 10 opening shows the whole Conner family coming together around the kitchen table.In the opening, Mark, domestic goddess Roseanne Conner’s gender-nonconforming grandson, sashays into the kitchen and pulls a sassy face while wearing a sparkly star sweater.

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