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For those not in the bird feeding game, there is a type of motorized, weight-activated bird feeder called the Yankee Flipper, which spins interloping squirrels around in the circle until they lose their grip on its base.” some credit. Elfin loaves, which sound like a really cutesy name for shit logs out of an elf’s ass, didn’t really last that long, I don’t think.They’re definitely not around today, which means that if some of us want bread like our mom used to bake, we have to toast a hot dog bun and slather it with margarine and garlic powder.Everyone will say their content management system is the best. But your own unique scenario will require different capabilities, which probably makes ONE of these three CMS options the .Looking to get started quickly with a simple business website or blog? If you have high hopes from day one that your site will grow significantly, requiring extensive features and unlimited customizations, take the plunge with Drupal.One of the key challenges Drupal developers face when building a complex Drupal site is that there are many moving parts. At Palantir, though, we've realized that it's the planning step that is most important: Planning out how the entire site's content model and build will look is itself a valuable exercise, as it reduces errors and improves overall consistency and quality.It's not unusual for a mid- to large-sized site to have as many as a dozen content types, 50 fields (some of them shared), 20 different Views displays, a couple of flags, some nodequeues ... Keeping track of all of them can be a challenge when building out a site. To that end, we've developed a tool that we now use for all sites to aid in discovery, strategy, and planning: the Build Spec. Big specification documents are an artifact of waterfall processes, that hated dinosaur of software development that exists only in legends of time gone by and in the expectations of less-hip clients everywhere. " Perhaps, but the Build Spec is not documentation. As Dwight Eisenhower once said, "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything." While Drupal is extremely configurable, that doesn't mean step one of a new site is to start pushing buttons; it's to figure out "so what do we actually want to do?

It also has a ton of security updates and features, so it’s nice knowing that professionals have my back. Chances are, you’ll never leave (even when your site has tons of posts and truckloads of visitors). But how about some other industry professionals who work with all three CMS choices on a daily basis? With most hosting providers providing one-click installs of the database and main Word Press files, all you have to do is log in, pick a theme, and fill out information.

It’s the most user-friendly of all three options (by a long shot).

The community support is fantastic, so it’s easy to find knowledgeable people who’ve already experienced what you’re trying to do (or fix).

Whereas it should be much easier and less expensive to find someone relatively tech-savvy to help you make basic Word Press updates.

Also, unlike Word, there is no option to have a website hosted by Drupal themselves.

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