Dating someone with the same birthday astrology

If transiting Saturn is making a hard aspect with a stellium of planets, then we will be experiencing a more complex set of circumstances and attitudes that might have a greater impact than if the personal point alone was affected.

Saturn teaches us about the value of moderation and caution.

Perhaps the best way to “handle” hard Saturn transits to personal planets and points is to avoid fighting these lessons.

Accept that, at this time in your life, things may move at a slower speed (even a snail’s pace).

Instead, they slow us down, force us to live in the here and now, keep us from taking unnecessary risks, and help us to build and structure our lives in ways that will benefit us later.

It is interesting to consider the transits and themes that ran through our lives before our Saturn transits.

If Saturn transits come shortly after a Jupiter-themed period in our lives, we may feel particularly hard hit as well.

Remember that Saturn transits do not completely flatten us, by all means.We are getting rid of things in our lives that are not working for us in the real world, and focusing on improving and strengthening the things that do serve a useful purpose.Saturn transits can also be considered times of conservation in whatever area of life that Saturn is affecting.We generally build up our reserves and conserve our energy during these periods.Delays and little but irksome problems might be experienced.

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