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Commonalities and differences aside, what makes an expat choose a country to live in?

Here are the countries rated on a typical expat’s lifestyle criteria: Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Peruvian food is inarguably superior to Colombian. Colombian food, on the other hand, is among the simplest. When working locally, your salary usually reflects the local cost of living. So they effectively limit your time on a tourist visa to six months per calendar year.

But you’re probably not going to live in Cusco or the jungle.

Machu Picchu is gorgeous – the best view I’ve seen in my life – and there is rain forest.While Peru’s landscape isn’t as beautiful because of the lack of green, the flip side is that it never rains.I’m writing this in Arequipa and I haven’t seen rain in over six months.These cities have beautiful neighborhoods because of irrigation, but the natural state of the land is desert wasteland.Unlike Colombia, there is no finca culture where people escape the city for the pueblo to enjoy peace, quiet, and beautiful scenery.

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