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“I would say I’m a guy who has a bit of personality, and I’d like to think of myself as a nice person.

But when you put yourself out there, it can be very hard to meet good people.” Is he a romantic? “Before this, I was involved in a lot of long-term relationships, and I’m still friends with many of my exes.

They wouldn’t put us together if they weren’t sure we’d get along.” Does the fact that she models bring certain unhelpful preconceptions with it?

“It must do,” she laughs, “because I get told all the time, ‘You’re so lovely, we thought you were going to be a big snob’.

“She told me all about it, and the next week, I went in.” This is the first date the agency has set up for Rachel, and it has taken three months, which means there is plenty riding on it. It’s my first time, and I’m so nervous, so that would be fine.

“Working in radio, working in media, working as a model, those are tough jobs; it can be difficult to meet people when you’re in the public eye. We had so many similar experiences like that — and that can frighten you off. I have a Walt Disney tattoo on my arm: ‘All your dreams come true when you have the courage to pursue them’. We were chatting about them and I showed the tattoo to her. We didn’t just go on a date, we hung out afterwards and had a drink. We ended up chatting about ballet — I said, ‘Do you want to go? Some of the guys I meet, I feel they’re just after one thing, and that’s not what I want. But you can’t say that — if you say you’re looking for something serious, they scatter. You have to pretend that you’re not serious; that you don’t care.

But when you meet someone who has been through the same things, you know that person isn’t going to mess you about.” And plenty to talk about? All these stupid games.” So how does she think joining a dating agency might help?

Rachel Wallace is a model, formerly Miss Cavan and Miss South Dublin. They have temporarily suspended control over their dating destinies and put the search for romantic success (complete with the inevitable vulnerability that brings) into someone else’s hands.

I found doing the pictures really awkward, even though I’m a model, but he seemed full of confidence, which helped me. We both said we were pleasantly surprised by each other.

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