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I don't know what the guys thought they were getting for , but to them it was obviously worth it because the money came pouring in.

writer Caroline Phinney tried it out herself and made right away: She wrote about it for us, and it was such a hit that to this day guys hit her up to send her money for it: Calling men idiots for money is the real American Dream. There's this website called What's Your Price? Upload a profile and name your price for a date (around 0 is a recommended amount) and guys pay it.

When people think of dominance and submission, they probably think of typical BDSM kitsch—whips, chains, ball gags, dungeons. BDSM can come off as no fun to vanilla sex enthusiasts, who may associate it with nipple clamps and getting candle wax dripped on them. Dominance and submission, at its core, is about a power dynamic.

The popularity of has afforded BDSM a wave of intrigue and recognition, but the logistics of this kind of relationship remain largely undiscussed.

The way I usually do this is telling him upfront what I’m not willing to do, and then everything left over are options he can choose from.

That’s part of what makes being submissive so exciting—you never know what your dom is going to do with you.

Sometimes, you just have to cry it out, am I right?

Whether it's that Sarah Mc Laughlin commercial with those sad, abandoned cats or the Chipotle employee fucking up your order…

Wage gaps, sexual violence, workplace harassment, fuckboys (less bad, but still! And if we have to deal with all that garbage from a population of shitbag dudes, the least we could do is try to scam a lil something out of the situation, you know?One day, I got a random DM from a guy begging me to take the key to his chastity belt.I guess it's like some form of cucking or whatever???Dom-sub sex is just like normal sex, except, well, you know how Mozart includes little frills, or ornamentations, in his music?Just little extra notes that make the song twinkle and feel more fun?

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Kind of amazing what dudes will do for a snowball's chance in hell at touching boobs.

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