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Born in Houston, Texas, (US) Full name Ryan Wayne Donowho.

Donowho moved from Texas to Brooklyn, New York, which he now calls home.

Oliver, however, managed to turn Ryan’s friends against him in an elaborate ploy to steal his girlfriend.

(EVIL.) Despite his inherent awfulness, Oliver ended up creating one of the most exciting story lines in the show’s four-season run—plus everyone learned a valuable lesson: Okay, unpopular opinion, but Johnny needed to go. II—just another whiny obstacle standing between star-crossed lovers Ryan and Marissa.

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Yes, worse than the road raging “surf Nazi.” Volchok’s character flaws were never glossed over by any of the Newport Beach crew—even Marissa knew what she was getting into.

DVD from Anchor Bay: Press Release: "BEVERLY HILLS, CA (August 17, 2016) – No body of water is safe when ), sets out on a mission to uncover what happened.Donowho and Highsmith both costarred the Indie film The Pacific and Eddy.Since his movie debut in 2001's The Car Thief and the Hit Man, Donowho has added about a dozen indie films to his resumé."I just want to do work that I can be proud of and make people feel something profound." For the third season of The OC, the producers cast Donowho as Johnny Harper, the cute but poor surfer who befriendes Marissa Cooper when she attends public school.He has produced his first movie, The Pacific and Eddy (which will be released in 2006) Also Donowho is maintaining his music career.

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