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You’re not obligated to only talk about stuff you’ve done or necessarily will do, during phone sex.Let’s say, you really love the fantasy of public sex, but you know, don’t have any actual plans to follow through on that.This is also a good tip for couples new to the phone sex game.Treating phone sex as sexy little appetizing pieces can help take some of the pressure off.Say something like, “I confess I’ve always wanted you to go down on me while I rant about that totally passive aggressive thing my roommate did” or “I confess that I fantasize about understanding what a vaginal orgasm feels like.” Finding out your partner’s “confessions” are, can be great fodder for future phone sex fantasies.Maybe you hate the outdoors and would never in a million years be caught doing watersports.Although, phone sex quickies can be just as hot too Imagine you had that sexy conversation right as your partner was about to leave work and come home?Just IMAGINE the sparks that would fly as soon as they walked through that door.

” or “What if we were invited by a sexy woman on the beach to have a threesome?It’s perfectly acceptable to tell your partner these are your fantasies for phone sex only, and not fantasies for reality.Be sure you trust your partner and that he/she won’t weaponize them against you later.And feel free to use a pet bedroom name if you have one.Lauren says to draw out your words using soft whispers and sprinkle in a few playful sighs here and there while you’re talking.

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