First message on online dating site

Now, all this said, ask about something that not only is on their profile but that you also find interest in.

There’s no point in asking about something that once she/he responds you have no interest in continuing to talk about.

Avoid commenting on their physical appearance Should you comment on their appearance? They already know you likely find them physically attractive – that’s part of why you are showing interest in them.

The goal of your first message is to make her curious about who you are.

You do this by being the opposite as every other guy. Then, tell her why you are sending a message, and never forget, she wants to FEEL. I am talking about feelings and also make her curious about me.

She has to be very selective which she does and doesn’t open before she really gets tired of online dating.

So don’t feel bad if you only get one or two responses for every ten messages you send. A smart tactic is to choose a dating site that is a bit smaller or has a very specific audience.

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