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Because it's possible this could be the way your libido works; you could be wired for a lifetime of loving, short-term relationships. How common a kink is it to enjoy seeing your significant other having sex with someone else?

While our culture reserves its praise for successful long-term relationships (think of those anniversary gifts that increase in value with each passing year), a short-term relationship can be a success. Common enough to have numerous different ways of manifesting itself—swinging, hotwifing, cuckolding, stag-and-vixen play—and an entire porn genre dedicated to it. I bruise easily, am into BDSM, and love to swim in my condo's shared pool, where there are many seniors.

Someone who became a senior citizen today—who just turned 65 years old—was 35 in 1988.

I happen to know for a fact that people were doing BDSM way, way back in 1988. But he is also a gun-toting right-wing conservative, and these days that feels like an insurmountable difference.

As a result, I don't get to spend as much time as I would like with my wonderful husband. How do you manage to make your husband feel he is getting the attention/time he deserves?

Any advice for hiding bruises or getting over the embarrassment?

Don't assume the senior citizens in the pool are as naive and/or easily shocked as our ageist assumptions would prompt us to believe.

Maybe if you make "no political discussions about anything, ever" a condition of remaining in the marriage.

When you are entering into something new, how do you differentiate between infatuation and real feelings? Only time will tell if other real but more lasting feelings—like, like like, love, lasting love—will surface when those feelings of infatuation inevitably fade. Because the clit is a great big organ and most of it's inside the body and anal penetration may stimulate the backside of your girlfriend's great big clitoris in a way that's new and different and highly pleasurable and—hey, wait a minute.

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