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As far as we know this is the first time ever that the B-CC song, written in the 1920s, can be heard over the Internet.

Live and learn in a historic city on an expansive mesa a mile above sea level.Please email Carole Brand if you would like to receive an invitation to next year’s event.• Alumni Helped Return Three Historic Murals to B-CC – The generosity of our alums has enabled the Foundation to bring back three of the historic murals that were on the walls of B-CC between 1940s and 1999 but couldn’t be saved during B-CC’s modernization because of asbestos in the walls. 6 and See all the historic murals at Alumni Author Event – On April 25, 2010, the Foundation co-sponsored with the Town of Chevy Chase an author event to highlight the accomplishments of two B-CC alums, – the Spring 2010 issue. Appleton, retired B-CC social studies teacher, that may be of interest to other classes…. The accompanying , a unique text that explores the mechanisms that drive misunderstanding. Feldman examines "the underlying structure that causes conflict between different factions in medicine, business, government, and even religion", hoping that such understanding will help people avoid needless disputes and intractable conflicts.) recreated his 1988 mural for B-CC – Philip spent the last year re-creating his 1988 "YOUTHQUAKE" mural for the Foundation as a gift to B-CC.See article at Diversity at B-CC – 9% of B-CC students are currently receiving “free and reduced meals” and an additional 10% have done so in the past.For the 2009-2010 school year, 62% of B-CC students are white, 16% are African-Americans, 14% Hispanics, 7% Asians, and 0.5% American-Indians.

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