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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Fore-knowledge will make you a teacher par excellence and a deserving parent.Also a person's past, present & future are ascertained using the arithmatic of dashas (Mahadashas & Antardashas) given by Sage Parashara.

How is your period from now on till your next birthday? Highly recommended for high profile entrepreneurs and career executives.

According to Aacharya Raman Kamra Astrology is partly Science and partly it is an art of estimation of various issues of life as well as estimation good and bad phases in life using some rules and logics given by Sage Parashara.

According to Aacharya Raman Kamra Astrology has also got its own limitations like Medicine (which is called as a Medical Science).

Corporate heads and business know your employees better. A tremendous tool to build a winning rapport on a personalized level naturally leading to increased productivity. Accomplished astrologers are able to decode the cosmic language spoken through a Natal Horoscope and accurately pinpoint that magic gemstone/s needed to eradicate the planetary deficiencies and actualize/activate the true potential of the individual and his destiny.

It has been mentioned a million times in the Vedic scriptures; that any work commenced during a favorable planetary configuration will always bring positive results.

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