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But yeah, Chris and I connected so much under the guise of this safe, sheltered place. They were like, "Listen, you're probably going to be feeding this lion cub, so let's go and meet him." That is a totally normal thing a person says. I've heard the creators talk about how they didn't want you to just be the "straight man" character anymore. I don't think you can approach a new show and have everybody be wacky and crazy and have so many colors and layers.

It's hard for actors to distinguish between those feelings, and it's hard to tell your body to communicate these things physiologically and yet it's just acting and nothing else. Of course, that happens to me on every photo shoot I ever do. You really have to figure out what everybody's roles are on the show and then flip it around, so once you saw Ann as sort of the straight man or doormat, then you can have some fun and let her do some weird shit.

And then the next time you're in a cold place and you want to connect with somebody, you're not near your husband or wife, and you'll want to connect with somebody else.

He tells New York Post gossip colum Page Six, "It was not a stable canoe. like golf-pond water." Dunst eventually forgave the TRON: Legacy star for the blunder and they have now been dating for a year.

Despite the two lovebirds keeping their romance fairly low-key over the months, the two made their first appearance as an engaged couple this weekend at the 2017 Independent Spirit Awards.

While they seem excited about their new future together, they’ve remained relaxed about planning the wedding.

So, my advice is to just be seen with people you're not dating, and stay at home with people you are dating.

At least you've been falsely linked to handsome men.

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With emotional stuff like that, it's like a weird, short, unaccounted-for affair. It's pretty much one of the very few things that I've aspired toward my whole professional career, so I was pretty shocked and excited and overwhelmed. Amy Poehler has said that when shooting wrapped for scary experience to leave the set.

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