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He also persuades Billy to give him his guns, saying that he can then claim that it is Billy in the grave.

The Kid can leave his past behind him and have a fresh start in life. Pat had removed the firing pins from Doc's revolvers. He handcuffs Pat, judging that the lawman will still state that Billy is dead rather than admit the Kid left him helpless.

Doc flees with Billy to the home of Rio and her aunt, Guadalupe (Mimi Aguglia). Instead of killing the unconscious Kid, Rio instead nurses him back to health, a process that takes a month.

By the time Doc returns, Rio has fallen in love with her patient.

Pat does not understand when Doc sides with the Kid.

Doc makes no attempt to shoot his friend and is himself fatally wounded. After Doc is buried, Pat offers to give Billy their friend's revolvers.

Doc is furious that Billy has stolen his girlfriend.

After Doc's anger subsides a bit, the Kid gives him a choice: the horse or Rio. Angered that both men value the animal more than her, Rio fills their canteens with sand. On the trail, they find themselves being pursued by Pat and a posse. Doc kills a few men from long range, but leaves Pat unharmed.

When Doc wakes up one morning, he finds Billy gone and Pat waiting to handcuff him and take him back.

Stopping at Rio's, the two men find that Billy has left Rio tied up in sight of water out of revenge.

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