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Now, it would apparently be possible for her to become pregnant in one set of organs/womb...some time later, pregnant in the other. I bet intersex people are more kind and understanding.They think it is unlikely as one set will probably be properly mature and the other not......................... I would love to meet a intersex person date and see where it goes from there For me there is no dificult question here at all.I hope his/her decision to do so suits him/her well and that he/she is happy.I only phrase it that way as I don't know if there's been surgical intervention. We're no longer in contact but gender did not play a role in our loss of communication.If you go by genetics then you are either female or male.From what i understand of genetics any featus with other combinations of genes is unlikely to survive pregnancy anyway.Obviously for someone who appears in everyway to be female but was born intersex, theres no surprise and in all honesty its not a big deal as its merely part of thier "health history", but if the person has mixed up or only partial genitalia then id consider it something you should discuss before getting intimate out of consideration for each other really.Getting them undressed and seeing a c*ck when you wernt expecting it might be offputting and would probably get a "WTF" type reaction!!!!!

you would then carry the risk that the child grows up and identifys themself with the opposite sex to what was forced on them by surgery.

Sexual identify comes from many factors including genetics, hormones, upbringing etc.

On balance of probabilities Id choose to have my intersex child put into one distinct sex as in likely terms less psychological harm will happen.

These days as adults people in our society regularly choose to identify with another sex and some go as far as having the ops to do it.

An intersex child who grows up at odds with his physical sex would be able to fit in with society within the range of accepted adult norms and go through ops etc if they so wished and live a normal life.

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I have no idea how id react to an intersex person i met for dating.

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