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In doing so, it renders that same brokenness irrelevant.

Amid all the inspired elegance of 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul never claimed that human love is perfect.

(A helpful and thoughtful analysis can be found in Ruth Graham’s .” In his essay “Against Evangelical Victim Culture (Stop Blaming Josh Harris for Your Problems),” G.

Shane Harris offers an equally well-written if largely unsympathetic approach to complaints against Harris’s work.) In what follows, I would like to briefly add my voice to the cacophony that currently surrounds know firsthand the subculture that surrounded Harris’s book.

But evangelicals also love to hate their fads, especially when they prove hollow.

We should not be surprised if evangelical parents stumble and even fail as they try to manage their own lives while guiding their children toward adulthood. Of all the forms of human love, parental love is both the most ennobling and the most fallible.

As a young person, I often heard adult evangelicals say that they wished to spare their children pain and tragedy.

When it came to romance, these parents were often quite frank: they had loved and lost, and they didn’t want their children to experience the same.

This kind of parenting is, in many ways, the complementary converse of the historical understanding that many evangelicals set forth.

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