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I guess it is normal for people to grab a hold of a concept and put it out there for masses to digest.

After all, that is what this “Contact” business is about. What I propose is that instead of calling this principle the “No Contact Rule”, let’s think of it as the “YES CONTACT PRINCIPLE”.I want you to say “yes” to getting back in touch with yourself.I want you to say “yes” to healing yourself and potentially your marriage.Well sometimes, to draw closer, you have to step back to gain some perspective and reconnect. And that is why I decided to write this lengthy post.Can your marriage be saved strictly by using the No Contact Rule? But if implemented properly, under certain circumstances, you and your husband or wife can benefit from going through a no contact period. I want you to be able to explore all the possible angles and applications of possibly using this principle.

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We will talk about the time period later because there is a lot of disagreement about how long or short it should be.

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