Is beth hollaway dating jon ramsey

But did she really think that they were responsible for the kidnapping or the murder of her daughter.

Did she know that Natalee left of her own free will and she wanted to let Joran and his friends pay for it? Did she think that Natalee escaped as she told her she would do and now somebody was hiding her?

It didn't matter to her that those security guards appeared on security tapes talking to Natalee, and that they were rumored to sell drugs to kids in Aruba.

Despite the fact that the report was classified as top secret it was leaked to the press and its contents became public.When Joran failed in giving her any information about her daughter; she became aggressive and Paulus van der Sloot had to take his son inside the house to protect him.When Beth Holloway was flying to Aruba she already had with her printed posters to hang around Aruba.What the police investigation DID uncover is that the saintly image that Beth Holloway sold to the press about her daughter was false.When her daughter just disappeared Beth Holloway told to the press that her daughter was a virgin that led a saintly life that graduated with honors at High School and that she got a scholarship to study medicine at a college.

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