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Seriously, I’d forfeit the motion graphics for functional charts.

Besides the bloated functionality, the update has removed the essential social media-like quality of the website. The 2015 update has blanched any type of individuation on the profile page.

Though these trivial details work fine, the performance of the practical aspects of is abysmally low.

Users currently are not able to delete scrobbles, love tracks, or leave shouts.

It makes makes the site look super disorganized and messy. Spun — Babes in Toyland Bruise Violet— Babes in Toyland Handsome and Gretel — Babes in Toyland Bluebell — Babes in Toyland Same Old Man — Karen Dalton When a Man Loves a Woman — Karen Dalton Take Me — Karen Dalton Something On Your Mind — Karen Dalton vs.

The format was changed from the canonical ‘Artist – Song’ to ‘Song – Artist’, for some reason choosing to ignore the long held formatting convention.

The cute animations on the front page can smoothly tell me that the most popular band in the US is Tame Impala or that “Meat is Murder” was a rock song from the 1980s.

The trendy (but useless) charts are definitely an ripoff of Spotify’s global music streaming stats.

Is there a log file I can look at that would tell me? FM logs, I can see that the date format in the old files is DD/MM/YYYY, but in the NEW files it's MM/DD/YYYY. Where does Media Monkey get the date from, and why might it have changed? I checked the region settings between the two machines, one of which works and one doesn't.

On my machine, the date still displays as DD/MM/YYYY. The machine that didn't work had a slightly different value for 'Short Time', which is found in the 'Region and Language' control panel.

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I use both Windows 7 x64 RC and Windows XP without problems. FM: Submit OK" indicates that accepted mediamonkey scrobbling and it will add it to your library, In the past I've seen such issues that their server show tracks with delay and/or playcounter increases but no tracks are added to personal page I can't find that option anywhere unfortunately. Before August 1st all my tracks were submitting correctly on this machine, but since August 1st they are not.

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