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Please notice the past tense implies John wrote what he experienced after he was off the island. Ogden, the well known author of “The Avenging of the Apostles and Prophets” among members of the churches of Christ, advances the early date in his commentary on the book of Revelation.

In fact, Jerome identifies the 14th year of Domitian’s reign as to when John was sent to Patmos.

However, if information isn’t there, you can call the Athletic office.

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The title is not part of any earlier manuscript from which that version was translated.

However, he gives a weak defense by implying through another commentator who uses Robert Young’s statement (late 1800), that Ireaneus really meant Nero.

Barring any evidence to the contrary or attacks on the credibility of Eusebius, this information presents a real problem for those who hold to the early date (abt. He acknowledges “the strongest arguments for the late date” are made concerning Ireanaeus’ testimony.

The only logical conclusion is that John wrote the book of Revelation after 96 A. He states, “If the late date is accepted, it would be impractical and meaningless to interpret the book in the light of the fall of Israel.” Therefore, I would expect Brother Ogden to make a most convincing argument to contradict the quotes given by Eusebius.

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