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One by one these craigslist men knock on the hotel door and come in for a blowjob. Most of these guys are probably closeted married guys. I doubt he will cum tonight..with crystall you really don't need to. All of this happend within 2 minutes right by the door. He's going for 30 guys this week end."His ads have been removed, that should tell you something." Yes, it tells us Nanny Mommies like 165 probably flagged it.Imagine their shock that their gay hookup was all caught on cam and broadcasted to thousands of viewers! Just sitting there jerking your limp dick feels like an orgasm a minute. I don't think he even noticed there was a laptop in the far corner. Copying and pasting the ad before it gets deleted:sub bttm needs to be fuck - 22 (warrington rd)Date: 2011-02-20, AM ESTneed to suck cock and be fucked. Location: warrington rdit's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Yes, that looks like it is probably the hotel. If one of the tricks ended up being a psycho murderer and this kid got viciously killed, all on live webcam.... Okay, I used to live in P'cola, and i swear to god, one of those guys looked VERY familiar. About AM after a middle aged guy who couldn't get it up finally gave up and left, this BBHotel guy reached over and turned it off. Hitting trolldar on R69 lights up some very interesting posts, btw. He just wanted the cum up his ass and he hustled the guy out the door keeping his back to him. "most cams are hard to spot, because they can be so small that you would never notice them." Idiot.Then he put a condom on and fucked him for all of a minute, came, pulled out and left. The brevity and impersonal quality to it was sort of hot, quite frankly.

I just don't think it is amusing to watch someone self destructing. I think it's a "fantasy" scene to arouse the voyeurs out there. There's no way the tricks know because the Craigslist ad mentions nothing about being on cam. And it doesn't seem like he gets into long conversations with the tricks prior to them arriving to explain that there is a camera's him and another guy in a hotel room but no touching is going on. Even not knowing how many loads he has stashed up his ass, he's still sexually repulsive. I'm not just talking about this situation, but even people who tape their girl/boyfriends during sexual situations without their knowledge.I can't chat since I'm not a premium member, but people are speculating that maybe they are waiting for someone to join them. this is the best Just Say No ad you could come up with. And you're telling me these guys don't know they're on cam?? If/when I hook up with a guy at his place, before my clothes even come off I scan the room to make sure I don't see anything potentially recording me! It seems to be something that not many people find fault with, but I personally find it skeevy and I don't think I could ever do that to someone.Although any way you look at it, it isn't safe on any level. Are you in a profession where you've honed that skill? Anyway, the fact that he's ONLY 22 just adds all the more excitement and mystery to this whole thing... r371, an Asian twink did a dildo show and at one point he took the dildo out and it was covered in shit and shit leaked out of his gaping hole. But what I really am going to do is stage an intervention and ask him to reflect on his life and actions and hopefully stop this madness. Nick update: After going off on numerous anti-gay tirades (on cam4, mind you), Nick left to live on skid row with only the clothes on his back. One time took off his shirt and put it back on and took it off like three times in an hour. I don't know what the partying with Tina signs are, I don't do that. He looks way healthier and tanned than he has in the past and the hotel looks much more expensive. He is still looking miserable and tweaking though, heavy eye bags and constantly licking his lips etc.Yes, an undercover cop who - instead of calling in backup as they do or taking them out to a police car to book them - turns out the lights, talks to him, spanks him, leaves him alone in the room while he goes to get some bags, gets let back in the room, puts him on the bed and ties him up, and smokes a cigarette. He's probably alright but somehow I'll be uneasy until he shows himself. He quickly placed a roll of tissues in front of the camera and cleaned himself up. I wonder if he keeps getting clean and then relapsing. This is seriously pretty fascinating." an Asian twink did a dildo show and at one point he took the dildo out and it was covered in shit and shit leaked out of his gaping hole.

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