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She spent a total of 14 days in April in the hospital, recovering from the initial surgery, and another nine-day stint caused by post-surgical complications. But, after just a few minutes of exercise, her legs started feeling heavy, tired.Now, gradually, she is getting back on her feet, literally and figuratively. “I thought, ‘Well, if this doesn’t clear up in a couple weeks, I’ll do something,’ ” she said.

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A notably intense, vocal coach, she is yelling less now, watching more. It was a long day and Reeve got home feeling exhausted. But: “At the top of the lumbar they could see part of the thoracic and see a mass there,” Reeve said. And that afternoon, in the doctor’s office, we were planning surgery for a week later.’’ She had a meningioma, a tumor that develops in the meninges, the membranes that envelop the central nervous system, in her case on her spine. The bad news: It had to be taken care of right away. With the draft around the corner, she was mad at herself for not having checked it out sooner. “To say I wasn’t afraid would be admirable but not accurate. I didn’t have a choice.” Her mother and two brothers flew in from the East Coast and she had surgery April 2.

“But, actually, I think it will give me a new perspective.

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