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TRY ONLINE DATING TODAY: Visit See also: Five reasons why you're not getting a second date See also: Dating after divorce - dos and don'ts Don't: Think younger means easier Don't presume that because you're dating someone in their twenties or thirties, that they'll have no hang-ups.

Just because he's never had his heart broken doesn't mean he won't have intimacy issues.

And he was handsome—thick head of hair, a strong stature, and a sly smile. He had been friends with Andy Warhol and went to art school with Paco Rabanne. I felt somewhat vindicated, and when we began an innocent email exchange soon thereafter, I flirted with the idea of a May-December romance.

But it was really a profound and rare sense of confidence that he exuded that was enthralling—the kind that comes only with age and experience. After all, he was refreshingly honest and worldly—qualities that eluded the modern-day guys closer to my own age.

Expect a younger date to be easier or more carefree and you may be disappointed.

It's often the case that we mellow out as we get older.

Unless you're happy to date an all-out gold digger (who will dump you when something better comes along) think twice before you go down that route.

Do: Watch your tone Having lived for longer gives you a different perspective on many things, and not just your taste in music.

“There was something very reassuring about the old-school chivalry,” she explained.

Don't: Go into it if you want vastly different things If your views on having a family are wildly different, think twice before you get involved.

It may start out as a bit of fun, but things can quickly become serious – and if one of you wants children and the other doesn't, the relationship is unlikely to work out.

She might not hear the ticking of her biological clock yet, but she may well be insecure and needy.

While most of us accrue more baggage as we get older (more ex partners and children), experience gives us the tools we need to handle the ups and downs of a relationship and life in general.

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