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Many question how — and whether — nonviolent strategies and tactics can be effectively applied in the ghettos, and what support they will find among the bitterly alienated urban poor.

SCLC's southern affiliates all face urgent local problems with scant resources, and the ministers & community groups who make up the organization's Board of Directors desperately need help and support from Atlanta.

They are the inevitable consequences of local (and not so local) power structures practicing covert segregation and overt hypocrisy to benefit their own wealth, power and privilege.

For the real estate and banking industries, residential segregation is highly profitable.

These issues are all far more complex, and enormously more controversial, than segregated lunch counters or denial of voting rights.

And when economic injustice becomes the focus, old allies may turn out to be fierce new adversaries. King is well aware of the difficulties and risks inherent in a northern campaign focused on poverty and economic justice.

And even if Vietnam were not draining national wealth, by now it is clear that federal poverty programs are mainly benefiting private businesses in the form of grants, subsidies and tax breaks.LBJ's grand and ballyhooed "War on Poverty" is proving to be an underfunded fraud.Ever since Birmingham, Movement supporters in the North have been pressing Dr. King as a political leader of social/political movements, but in his own heart he is a pastor.But the Movement has to establish that racism and poverty are national issues — not southern exceptions. The moral force of SCLC's nonviolent movement philosophy [is] needed to help eradicate a vicious system which seeks to further colonize thousands of Negroes within a slum environment." For several years, the Freedom Movement in Chicago has been fighting against rigidly segregated, deeply unequal schools, and an adamant school administration committed to the old order and the old ways.Referring to Watts, he says, "[The] ghetto Negro has been invisible so long and has become visible through violence." Nonviolence has to effectively meet that challenge. They urgently need substantial aid from King and SCLC.

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