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Processed clips can now also be viewed with FFplay instead of the internal Direct Show player.

Just hold down the "Alt" key when you press the destination "Preview" button.

There are improvements on possible timing issues and empty destination files are deleted in case FFmpeg cancels a process.

There is also a option added to resume processing of jobs that were still in the queue at the time the watch option was switched off.

This version adds back support for vgtmpeg for which now is a 2015 version available.

Vgtmpeg is based on FFmpeg and makes it easy to extract individual DVD titles from ISO and IFO structures (also handles bluray)

This version is retracted because of a serious issue with a newly added option to the "Job Control Manager" (batch job processing).

Avi Synth script preview response is improved and there is a option added to change preview color space.

Some decoders seems to do a extra conversion which could lead to choppy playback on relatively slow machines. Many internal optimizations in the way FFmpeg is launched and a fixed issue that made it hard to cancel a process when FFmpeg spits out a continuous range of messages.

If you upgrade to Avanti 0.8.9 from an older version and also plan to upgrade FFmpeg, please ensure that the FFmpeg and FFplay versions match.

The folder watch option now can save the process logs at the "source_clips_done" folder to check things out in case a process failed.

There is also a option to remove all logs after inspection so you don't need to do that manually.

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