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Africa is a different case.[quote]A virus does not discriminate according to sexual orientation.

He started butching up when he moved to doing straight porn and j/o only: he dropped his voice quite a bit, and eased up on the gay mannerisms. Even so, there's no reason why a straight guy can't have HIV.Vaginal sex is a poor infection vector compared to anal sex, and oral sex is next to impossible.R31 The Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has said“It is very preventable,”“If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably, that’s bottom line.”“These are the facts,”“How are women getting it?TJ Cummings and Rod Daily are two of my favorite porn stars. TJ has amazing, beautiful skin and one of the best bodies of men in straight porn.But even better, TJ is smart and expertly sadistic when he needs to be. He was one of the most effeminate voracious bottoms to work in gay porn at the time he was active. I'm convinced that he was straight for pay because he could earn more money in straight porn.

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