No i did not know that michael was dating holly

Holly referred to a conversation you had before the show, saying you didn’t want to get back together on the show, you wanted to wait until afterward. Michael: Yeah, Holly and I talked about a week before we went on the show and actually then kind of hung out the next few days … It was super friendly and then getting there, it was kind of a quick evolution for me.

The first one or two days I really did want to keep things platonic and just be her partner and be a strong team and allies to the end.

“I don’t think Blake is a good guy,” he says, and he explains why. Hard to believe since he easily charmed all the women on the conference call.

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They had maybe 36 hours, but like I don’t get what that sentence means “I tried to call you.” It’s 2011, if you pick up a phone and dial the number that’s my number, I’ll pick it up in seconds.

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