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).skill has saved me wasting my time with scammers already. Most of the messages I received said the same thing Hey there, how are you :) First sign of scam.

It's all about money my friend because they do not care whether you're being scammed, robbed, emotionally affected or not! 2- the vast majority of women on here are average or below average looking which makes my first point laughable and they're either stupid or hypocrites.

Remember in the beginning POF said it was about finding a partner perhaps even a spouse. Oh, and this site is not supposed to be a hook up or adult sex dating site and many profiles claim they are not there for a booty call! Your profile photo does not show a the horrid face of bad plastic surgery after a car crash or Middle East tour of duty!

So now you're becoming disgusted over this site and the time and effort you've wasted on it. Oh, and the notices in your inbox of profiles that want to meet you and what happens when you look them up and find they are no longer a member or no longer exist? Now after a while you look at the profile member guidelines and see that profiles without a photo are to be reported, suspected scammers are to be reported, abusive language or psycho profiles are to be reported! Guess what, just try reporting this stuff and add to the equation that the staff who might very well be manning the fake profiles and responses as well as supposedly monitoring these profiles to protect members from scammers and you get thrown out!

I couldnt even see the messages I sent to them, seems as soon as I responded to a message the system would block me access to those messages only, I suspect to get me to pay more or upgrade.

Typical for these sites, Fake people sending fake messages only to get you to pay more.

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