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LW was sitting straight, his knees pressed together under the table and bent at a 90° angle, his elbows were off the table but tightly against his ribs (the posture deemed well-behaved in Germany) and he never leaned forward or backward but his torso was always straight.

BM was wearing a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie, no jewellery of any kind.

It consists of a general store built in 1890, a 6-room motel, post office and a few trailer houses.

Aladdin is always a stop on our agenda not only for a butt break but they’ve got ice cream there!!

I barely managed to control and suppress a spontaneous outburst of laughter and thought to myself that despite being something to condemn, there was possibly even a grain of truth in stereotypes.

But then it happened: LW was apparently full while BM was still hungry (so far, so good), so BM got up again and walked over to the breakfast buffet.

As I was working mostly at night, I slept in each morning and had a long and extensive breakfast at the hotel before heading out again (after a short after-breakfast nap).

First stop was Aladdin, Wyoming, a little town just over the border.

The whole town is for sale and it can be yours for a mere million and a half.

Despite being German, he was probably of Mediterranean origin as he had thick black hair and his skin was rather dark.

LW was very tall but exceedingly thin, his arms appeared to be made of straw and his legs that barely filled his trousers would have made a Black-necked Stilt feel overweight. BM was sitting with both elbows on the table (this is not considered particularly rude in Germany as opposed to the US), had his legs slightly spread and when he was not leaning over the table, he was leaning back in a relaxed yet manly posture.

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As I said, there are supposedly no rules – in Sturgis it’s against the law to drink on the streets, Hulett allows it.

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