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You can sign up for one-way transportation, or for both trips.Single mothers make up 80 percent of single parent households in the United States.Chat with singles and find your match after browsing member pictures from all over the world.

Click through the slides above to hear from those Please see the document: “group expectations” for more about our group and expectation of our members Dating in Houston: Welcome! It will also require the ability to compromise and put the needs of the group above personal feelings Dating in Greenville: Welcome!

248/ As a social services agency, we aim to strengthen our community, and offer unique and enlightening opportunities to its members.

With this in mind, we're thrilled to be hosting a Women's Empowerment Morning, on Sunday, May 6th, from AM to PM at the Samuel Field Y.

Motivational Speaker and Life/Business Coach Melissa Dawn will join us for a morning workshop that aims to help women take control of their personal and professional lives!

This workshop is available for women who are seniors in high school and older, with a suggested donation of per participant. This program is being funded by our Single Parent Initiative program, but is available to all adult women. To register, visit org/empowerment or for more information contact Leslie Kraut at 718-225-6750 ext.

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