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U of I researchers should specify U of I funds (i.e., CFOP) to be used for payment during sample submission.

External submitters should receive a UIUC Banner account prior to sample submission. Payment can be made online by going to and logging in with the UIUC Banner account number assigned to your department, group, or business.

In order to identify the most suitable sample preparation protocols, the humic fraction was isolated from the bulk material at the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit (ORAU), whereas the acid-base-acid (ABA) residue fraction method was applied at the Radiocarbon Laboratory of the Fluminense Federal University (LAC-UFF).

The dating results were compared to the current knowledge about the occupational periods of the sites.

The origin of this wonderful crop and its cultivation history has been a constant theme of search and re-search for not only historians, Plant Scientists but also for sociologists, anthropologists, and other students of cultural studies.

The origin of the word ‘rice’, has though been known to philologists and etymologists, it had received little scholarly attention from the botanists , plant paleontologists and Archeologists.literary and linguistic evidences available in the ancient Tamil Literature and culture of Tamil Nadu.

Instead of picking up that trend why Sanskrit accepted vrihi as the word to denote rice is really a baffling question.Samples and Services The Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory accepts a variety of samples including: Before mailing any samples, please contact the lab at [email protected] discuss the number and types of samples.After we have discussed your samples and the analytical requirements, complete and submit one sample submission form per sample.The vast quantities of gold and silver coins struck by Roman emperors up to Nero (54–68CE) found all over Tamil Nadu testify the extent of the trade, the presence of Roman settlers in the Tamil country.The trade route taken by ships from Rome to Tamilakam had been described in detail by writers such as Strabo and Pliny, the Elder.

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